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, and also their mood, such as whether and when they are depressed, sleepy or fatigued while driving, Xie Wenjun, an employee from Deayea's marketing ▓department, told the Global Times.▓The system will grade the driver from 1 to 100 based on his attentio

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n and fatigue level. If the grade drops below 85, the watch ▓will vibrate to warn the driver. When the grade goes below 65, the driver

will receive a voice reminder and a messag

e will be sent to a backstage operator who can call the driver t

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o wake him up or replace him, Xie elaborated.One of these devices

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 costs around 100,000 yuan ($15,800), and ▓includes service fees, ac

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cording to Deayea.The company is working with a Beijing-based air fo

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29May, 2012

rce institute on a pilot selection s▓ystem that can detect "unstable emotions" in candidates during training, said Xie.Boos▓ting profits

21May, 2012

The technology is also bein▓g used in factories in Hangzhou at State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power, which said it could increase the overall e

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